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If You Want It, Go Get It.

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If you want something, if you truly want something, you can have it. Unless you’ve already made some breakthroughs in your life, you are probably like the rest of us to the point where change is uncomfortable. Things may not happen overnight, but if you live in the mindset of  “I don’t have the money for that” or “I’m too busy for this” or “I don’t want to leave this situation because then what will I do?” you will likely get stuck in a continual loop of finding reasons why you can’t, instead of creating reasons why you can. Your habits determine your success. I know we’ve all been stuck in that loop where for days or weeks on end there is something that we should be doing, but aren’t. Then when you finally complete said task or change said habit, you wonder why the heck you didn’t do it sooner. It was so easy, why didn’t I just do it when I thought of it? Because your subconscious was working against you. Your body is saying “Wait wait wait, we always procrastinate.” or “We never eat this way.” or “This is TV time, not gym time.” because that is how you’ve programmed yourself to operate.

Stop making excuses. Stop looking for reasons to stay in your comfort zone. I promise you that there are people with less free time, less expendable income, and more on their plates than yours, getting their sh*t done seven days a week.

You aren’t more prone to injuries than anyone else, you just don’t spend enough time on movement efficiency, mobility and recovery. You do have enough money, you just have to choose whether or not certain things are a priority. You do have enough time, if you truly want to be somewhere or do something. You CAN make the changes you want to see in yourself, it just starts with truly believing that you are going to do it.

I believe that each and every one of you can be the change you want to see, so go out there and get it!