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Know Your “Why”

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“Motivation is temporary, discipline is forever.”

This statement says it all. We all have up weeks and down weeks. The motivation comes and goes, the progress waxes and wanes as life affects our health, rest, and diet. Knowing your “why” will help to keep the bigger picture in mind if and when you have an off week.

For some of us, we enjoy the grind. I am a lifelong gym rat and the routine has become engrained in my life. If I miss more than a day worth of working out, it starts to have an effect on my mood and energy levels. I know that there are more than a few of you who are on the same page as me when it comes to this, but I also understand that it can sometimes be a chore to get to the gym.

So, why? Why do you do this? Do you want to get off or stay off of your blood pressure meds? Do you do it to make your day-to-day activities, like household chores and playing with your kids, easier and less taxing? Do you want to set a positive example for your kids so they understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle? Or maybe, you just want to look good naked. Whatever your “why,” keep that in the back of your mind the next time that you think this is all for naught.

P.S. Track everything, not just your 1 rep max lifts. Enter your scores for the benchmark WODs so when they come around again you can see how much of a total badass you are for decimating your previous score.

Keep up the fight. You all amaze me every single day.