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You Should Enjoy Your Mobility Work

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We all want to move better, right? We all want to lift more, move faster, and have all of those fancy skills. Nobody has any issue coming into the gym and spending an hour sweating and breaking down their body but ask them to spend ten minutes with a lacrosse ball under there shoulder and all of the sudden they become the world’s busiest person.

Listen, you may not “enjoy” mobility work, but if you want to be consistently moving for years to come with minimized risk for injury, it is a necessity. And for that reason, you should at very least appreciate your mobility work.

You may know that you could get lower in your squats with improved hip or ankle mobility. You may know that your overhead position could be improved with better mobility through your thoracic spine but what are you doing about it?

Guys. ROMWOD is less that 50 cents per day. A lacrosse ball is dirt cheap at any sporting goods store. On top of helping your movement, when you decrease the aches, pains and inflammation in your body your cortisol levels will go down because you will be in a less stressed state. Imagine that, not only will mobility and recovery work help your movement, it will also make your day that much better!

If you have any questions as to what you should be doing for a certain restriction or mobility kink then as always, please do not hesitate to ask any of us coaches.